Heart Healing Session

Lysa has a gift for ‘seeing’ the truth in others. No matter what pain is manifesting in your heart, body, or life Lysa can gently guide you to the healing shifts you seek. A 60minute Heart Healing Session is guided by your direction intuitively, we will feel into the circumstances where you find yourself and support you to align with your truest self. We will bring loving awareness to anything that arises as a barrier to your heart’s desire and hold space and time for you to unfurl more deeply into your truest self.

Emotional volatility, heart pain, repeating patterns and numbness are signs that your heart is asking to re-discover its power centre of truth. Total cessation of emotional pain and a sense of liberation, life and lightness are common outcomes for Lysa’s clients after just one session.

When the heart ache and repeating patterns are calling for your attention, a session with Lysa will bring you the grounding, guidance and healing calibrations you need to create instant shifts.

Lysa offers heart healing sessions to clients all around the world. If you have access to reliable internet, you can experience a session with Lysa from the privacy and comfort of your own home (N.B. Lysa does not offer in person sessions). Heart Healing Sessions can be done via skype or zoom (video conferencing software). Lysa accepts payment through paypal at the time of booking; once you make your payment you can choose a time that will be suit you schedule.

Book Your Session Here | $200NZD for 60mins