Lifestyle Audit for a Happy Heart

By November 11, 2016Heart Magic

With our extended hours of sunlight bliss we seek to joyfully step outside into the glories of nature and swathe ourselves with opportunities to mingle with all the people we love. But at the same time that we open our hearts to connect we can open ourselves to overwhelm. Here are 4 tips for you to audit your lifestyle so that you can have the happiest summer yet!

Less commitment = more presence

It can be tempting to capitalise on a smorgasbord of social delectable’s and unknowingly stuff your plate until the flavour of each event is lost in a sea of busyness. Being mindful to select the events that are most important to us allows us to calmly arrive, soak up the atmosphere and be fully present to bask in the joy of the occasion.

Invest love in those who love you

It’s incredibly hurtful to realise that some of our friends and family members are simply not in an emotional place to return the love we extend to them. Being able to recognise if the equilibrium in a relationship is out of balance means we can gauge how much or how less to invest ourselves in these relationships.

Balance active social time with quiet down-time

For every hour you are active and social, it can create balance by giving ourselves the same amount of time to relax and recuperate. Too much of a good thing decreases our ability to enjoy it. Be mindful to watch the hours of activity and balance them with hours of calm and rest.

Be honest with those you love

It’s often those closest to us that we can hide our true feelings from. Being open to speak more honestly with those we trust and know we can confide in allows us to feel seen, heard and cared for. Truly connecting heart to heart is one of the most powerful forms of love there is.

May this summer be filled with special connections; love returned and balanced social calendar that your heart will love.

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