The Kick Back of Generational Wounding

By April 13, 2017Heart Magic, Lysa Black

We all see the area’s where our parents made mistakes, but how often do we recognise the area’s where they did make progress? Every generation bears the unhealed wounds of their predecessors; this becomes the burden and blessing for up-coming generations. As we meet with the unresolved wounding from our family line we gain an opportunity to bring light forward to our posterity at the same time that we beam light back to our ancestors.

I was keenly aware of my parent’s short-comings as a young girl; I saw the area’s where they struggled to be truthful, honest and hold integrity. It was easy to view their short-comings in judgment as a fresh new soul upon earth’s terrain. As I grew older the stories of their up-bringing shed light on many of the conditions and back-story of my parents lives. Still, I rationalized that we all have a choice to decide how we will respond to the circumstances that we find ourselves in.

Now as a 33 year old, with two young children and a 9 year marriage – I respect the complexity of life in a way that escaped me as a child. Sleepless nights, ill health, financial responsibilities can sometimes mount and bear a level of pressure that can see the best of intentions fade to the momentary short-cuts that appear as a false oasis.

My experience has softened my heart and opened me to a new level of compassion; and there is one glaringly obvious aspect of generational wounding that had escaped me: The wounding my parents healed. Whether it was the limited choices that met one parent, and the boundless freedom that was then passed on… Or the physical violence that was curbed and replaced with verbal aggression… I was blind to all the ways that my parents had bravely transmuted the shadow their parents couldn’t heal.

The effects of healing those wounds were not visible to me; it was only the unhealed aspects which seized upon my attention.

Today, I honor a sacred process we are all deeply intertwined in experiencing together. As individuals, we seek to heal throughout our lives the aspects that our parents were unable to heal, we pass this light and fortitude onto our children so they are not aware of the shadow effects of those healed wounds that we knew through our parents. Likewise, those aspects that we cannot heal in our own lifetime fall upon the shoulders of our children. This perspective is often bemoaned; the idea of our children bearing the brunt of our unhealed aspects can cause us physical discomfort, and yet – I want to speak honestly about my deep gratitude that we can support one another throughout time to shed light on all the area’s our ancestors couldn’t heal alone in their lifetimes.

Rather than fear the responsibility our children hold to heal what we cannot – I want to celebrate the idea that our spiritual seniors are helping us to take the load of we cannot bear and devote their lifetime to sending brighter light back to us and all those who have gone before us. These precious children coming through are potent, wild and free; they have a stamina and ferocious dedication to truth, honesty and integrity that is awe inspiring. We are each here to carry that load that we are each fit to bear, removing every unnecessary burden for our posterity while trusting in their up-coming light to bring healing to the aspects that are beyond us in this lifetime.

I want to celebrate the kickback of light that my parents gave to me and their ancestors by their willingness to transmute many wounded aspects from their parents, and likewise their parents before them. I honor the bright fierce lights that are coming through in this generation who are primed and capable of blasting through aspects that caused us to wince – could they face the remaining wounding if we had not cleared certain aspects before them?

May we honor those who have gone before and respect they carried the portion they were capable of bearing. We are all delicately intertwined in an interlocking web of devotion to heal the wounding that is delegated as our sacred portion. I bow in recognition of my ancestors and their struggles to shift into higher levels of living and bravely seek to heal my portion in this lifetime – deeply grateful for the trust that our posterity is reaping the blessings of our portion and strengthened to face and heal what escaped us.

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