One on one mentoring with Lysa Black

After 9 years in business I have followed my intuitive guidance to align my business with my: soul purpose, spiritual gifts and tribe of kindred hearts.

I believe business is not just a channel for prosperity… It’s also a vehicle supporting us to contribute on a soul level and truly make a difference in the world.

I serve Healers & Coaches; true heart leaders who want to offer help and healing through their sacred service. I specialize in supporting others like me to create lifestyle brands where we can use social media (My forte is: YouTube, Facebook & Insta) to share our soul teachings with the world while attracting our dream clientele to build joyful, prosperous businesses.

I have found that gentle gifted hearts like me really struggle with:

  • Over-giving & undervaluing
  • Fear of self promotion
  • Social media overwhelm
  • How to authentically market
  • Self-doubt and fear of error
  • Describing their services
  • Balancing Family/Personal life and Business
  • Client Attraction
  • Prospering in joy

“Enlightening – I have only had two sessions with Lysa but it’s mind blowing how much clarity she has brought in such a short time. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a loving and supportive coach, and what I now feel is a huge boost of confidence – I’ve jumped right back into alignment with myself!”

Gesa Harmston, Life Transitions Coach

“The most valuable part of working with Lysa was finally being seen for who I truly am. Lysa sees who you are, the essence of you… your pure self. This is truly transformational! I’m so much clearer on my gifts, my purpose and I feel free to clearly share what I do now. Lysa supported me to follow my hearts desires. I was scared to admit that I am a healer, scared I’d be judged and rejected for being too hippy or spiritual. But since working with her I’ve completely dropped that. Because I am completely me I always receive the right clients and I see my work naturally flowing much easier. Lysa helped me to relax into me on both a professional and personal level and I’m a much happier person for it.”

Hannah Moore, Naturopath

I love guiding others to business alignment faster and easier than the 10 years of struggle it took me to figure out these core challenges for myself.

Heart Magic Mentoring is an approach which offers gentle, loving guidance so you can truly thrive in business living from your truth. I help my clients to:

  1. Heal patterns of over-giving and under-valuing
  2. Accept their soul purpose and own their spiritual gifts
  3. Use story and experience to lead with love
  4. Find the courage to voice and share soul teachings
  5. Acknowledge their power to make an impact
  6. Receive intuitive reflections and translations for your soul gifts and services
  7. Craft supportive boundaries for your unique circumstances
  8. Understand that your kindred hearts need you to lead them
  9. Accept that it’s your birth-rite to prosper in your truth

If you are seeking personalised guidance to navigate your way to business alignment
and prosperity – Book a complimentary 30min Heart Gaze Session to meet Lysa.

Experience how her gifts can clarify and translate your service
in a way that will call in your dream clientelle.

Heart Magic Mentoring includes a 60min Online Video Conferencing Session with Lysa and 4 x weekly email support for NZD $250/monthly.

“Lysa is so stunning in the way that she connects every aspect of her life to the vibration and the emanation and the radiance of the heart energy. She has brought me into what it means to soulfully & heartfully connect to marketing and sales; what it means to connect with the content that we are putting out making sure that it’s in alignment with who we are and where we are and truly what our soul wants to express.”

Tash Mitch, Chakra Alchemist

Karina Ladet, Intuitive Healer and Channel

“With Lysa I have been held in a place of love and support where the real truth has been allowed to surface. Lysa has encouraged me and held my hand while I bravely revealed my true self. Adding the new services of reiki and mentoring to my business was scary at first, and Lysa supported me to find my own words to talk about these new offers in a way that I felt safe and excited. My business has flourished with her mentoring, ideal clients find me easily and my spots fill creating such a new sense of real prosperity in my life. Lysa has lead me to a new self and I have come to truly trust and admire her deeply.”

Darlene Pearks, Massage Therapist