Join Lysa for a complimentary 30mins
gaze into the universe of your heart.

Are you seeking clarity on your purpose?

Do you yearn to bring more of who you truly are forward?

Do you want to find more alignment and prosperity in your soul work?

As a highly sensitive empath, Lysa can ‘read’ your heart. Experiencing a heart gaze session will give you clarifying confirmation to remember who you truly are. Within 30mins Lysa will offer you a map revealing where you are and outline the paths you can take to create what you long for.

Lysa serves the gentle gifted hearts of the world; inspired Healers and business owners who are seeking more impact and influence through their soul work. If you are seeking loving support and practical guidance to share who you are in a way that touches the world and allows you to prosper on purpose – Reach out to me and request a 30min ‘Heart Gaze’ Session

If you feel drawn to potentially working with Lysa privately; she offers on-going Heart Magic Mentoring sessions for $250 per 60min session (including 4 weeks of weekly email support). For those who are interested in potentially working with Lysa – Book your complimentary 30min Heart Gaze Session and experience Lysa’s heart magic for yourself.