Enjoying intimacy more fully

By November 11, 2016Heart Magic

I feel like I cracked the proverbial code when it comes to truly enjoying the intimate moments I share with my husband. Oh yes I am talking about this! I will not however be talking about the physicality or physiology of intimacy. I want to talk about the innate resistance women have to receive.

Our generous nurturing hearts have an amazing capacity to perceive needs, nurture life and offer love – which means we are phenomenal at GIVING LOVE! And in order to be truly magnificent GIVERS of LOVE – We need to also become magnificent RECEIVERS of LOVE.

Why, you may ask?

I’ve heard so many women express how much they want their partner, husband or wife to feel how much they love them! We naturally want others to be able to fully receive our love for them.

The barrier to GIVING POWERFUL LOVE is actually our willingness to RECEIVE POWERFUL LOVE. I love teaching the the mirror concept – Put simply…

What we give unto others, we give to ourselves


What we give unto ourselves we give to others

So, by our own willingness to open to receive love, we lead those around us to know how much love they too can receive.

I’ve realised that when I only try to offer my husband pleasure and enjoyment – I limit his pleasure and enjoyment. As I allow myself to truly receive and revel in the pleasure and enjoyment I feel – He mirrors this back to me and truly allows himself to truly receive and revel in the pleasure and enjoyment he feels.

May we allow ourselves to receive the love, pleasure and enjoyment we long for those we love.

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