A 6 month course in soul sharing
(AKA authentic marketing)

For intuitives, healers and creatives
who want to make a difference & become highly sought after

If you have an established business helping others and you can feel the desire to use your voice to make a bigger impact while prospering on purpose then this course is for you.

If you have felt shy or scared about telling people who you really are (a healer, intuitive or creative), what magic you bring and how you can help – then let’s uncover how to share your soul is a way that is fun, playful and attractive to your ideal clientelle.

If you know you need to fine tune your soul message to be clearer, more engaging and memorable then this course offers a sanctuary of support and soul cheering for you to consistently – become more heard and seen.

Did you know? Every week I spend a whole day speaking from the heart through my writing and filming so I can truly help others and make a difference in the world. This is also the same way that my tribe has found me – it’s through my free soul sharing on Instagram, YouTube and Facebook that darling clients from around the world find me and hire me to support their heart healing.

Join me as we uncover how you can enjoy authentically sharing your soul while simultaneously leaving a sacred trail of life changing content that attracts those who are looking for you.

It’s the gentle gifted hearts that our world needs right now!

I was petrified when I came out of the gifted closest to reveal myself as a Healer 2 years ago. I thought I would be mocked, judged and abandoned… But do you know what happened? By courageously standing in my truth, some friends and clients fell away… and a wave of women who did resonate with what I was sharing came forward and I have been booked out ever since.

I intuitively found my own style of authentically sharing my soul truth after 8 years in business.

Discovering how to do this was a revelation for me in a world full of fear-based marketing and masculine ‘push’ tendencies. I have a desire to impart what I have used to prosper in my soul work with other genuine loving gifted hearts that really want to make a difference in the world. I want to stand by you as you discover the principles and personal alignment to leave sacred trails of your soul truth that touch the world, while drawing in those who are seeking exactly what you have to offer.

Would you like to be a part of a small group of 7 (including me) gentle hearts who can rally together, acknowledging one another and cheering as a unified team to support you to reveal yourself so clearly that you touch hearts around the world while attracting all the clients you want?

“Enlightening – I have only had two sessions with Lysa but it’s mind blowing how much clarity she has brought in such a short time. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced such a loving and supportive coach, and what I now feel is a huge boost of confidence – I’ve jumped right back into alignment with myself!”

Gesa Harmston, Life Transitions Coach


“The most valuable part of working with Lysa was finally being seen for who I truly am. Lysa sees who you are, the essence of you… your pure self. This is truly transformational! I’m so much clearer on my gifts, my purpose and I feel free to clearly share what I do now. Lysa supported me to follow my hearts desires. I was scared to admit that I am a healer, scared I’d be judged and rejected for being too hippy or spiritual. But since working with her I’ve completely dropped that. Because I am completely me I always receive the right clients and I see my work naturally flowing much easier. Lysa helped me to relax into me on both a professional and personal level and I’m a much happier person for it.”

Hannah Moore, Naturopath

I know that BEING who we are (Aligned · Authentic · Vulnerable · Sincere) is the most courageous, enlightened and brave gift we can give to ourselves and the whole world.

Why I started sharing my soul truth?

  • If I didn’t find how to authentically attract ideal clients, then I couldn’t do my soul work. This motivated me to find my own way of marketing.
  • Our level of expertise doesn’t actually attract ideal clients (I used to think it would). It’s sharing who we are that attracts ideal clients.
  • Teaching freely from the heart not only touches the world with your expertise but it also becomes client attractive marketing.
  • Authentic marketing is the means by which we earn the privileged of doing our soul work; without sharing our message we cannot attract the clients waiting and ready to work with us.
  • Opening my heart to freely sharing who I am and what I’ve passed through has helped others to know they were not alone.
  • The stories of my past gave clients a way to know that I understood them, they know I truly relate to what they’re going through.
  • Authentic marketing actually prepares people for working with me so it’s incredibly win win.

Why is it so challenging to reveal ourselves?

  • We were criticised, hurt and betrayed for being who we are in the past.
  • We are highly sensitive and fear the judgement and reactions of others.
  • We don’t want to be seen as prideful, showy or arrogant promoting ourselves.

What if you could have a nurturing sanctuary, a supportive space to feel so seen and heard that you could find your own way to shimmy your truth generously and allow your sparkle to call in those who are seeking your expertise? LET THE MAGIC BEGIN.

A 6 month course in soul sharing
(AKA authentic marketing)

For intuitives, healers and creatives
who want to make a difference & become highly sought after

Month 1
Soul Greeting

  • Meet your group members
  • Permission to rise
  • Playing with soul sharing

Month 2
Gift Alignment

  • Own your super powers
  • Stay true to your hearts desires
  • Glowing bio’s and sparkling introductions

Month 3
Sacred Impressions & Divine Impact

  • Choosing consistent colours and imagery
  • Crystal clear sharing that allows you to be seen and heard
  • ‘Batching’ displays of our sacred energy signature

Month 4
Magnetic Messaging

  • Let yourself teach the world for free
  • Collaborate and cross-pollinate
  • Bring forward heart opening vulnerability

Month 5
Authentic Energy Exchange

  • Serve before selling
  • Check alignment and readiness
  • Find joy making invitations

Month 6
Soul Tribe Attraction

  • Consistently act on your inspiration
  • Listen to needs to create relevant content that dissolves real life problems
  • Design inspiring courses that fill

“Lysa is so stunning in the way that she connects every aspect of her life to the vibration and the emanation and the radiance of the heart energy. She has brought me into what it means to soulfully & heartfully connect to marketing and sales; what it means to connect with the content that we are putting out making sure that it’s in alignment with who we are and where we are and truly what our soul wants to express.”

Tash Mitch, Chakra Alchemist


Karina Ladet, Intuitive Healer and Channel

Who is this course for:

This course designed for those who have developed and refined their healing art: whether you are a natural health therapist, healer, intuitive coach or professional consultant. If you serve clients intuitively and truly want to make a difference in the world while prospering on purpose – This course offers:

1. The time and space to devote yourself to this sacred process of soul sharing to amplify your business and touch the world. With 90min fortnightly group calls (where you can actually be developing ideas and implementing what feels right for you with supportive guidance/ soul cheering from Lysa & the group)

2. A sacred supportive environment where you can release inhibitions and follow the feminine based principles of revealing your soul truth in a way that is magnetic to your ideal clientelle.

3. Have Lysa and a team of cheer-leaders who are seeing you, hearing you and championing your dreams stand by you as you share your gorgeous soul!

This course is not for anyone who is unsure about how they want to serve in the world, it’s not for start-up businesses or businesses that are product based. If what you are selling is your service, your art, your time, your expertise and you are the face, branding and pillar behind your business – this is for you!

You will receive:

Access to a secret facebook sanctuary of soul sharing

Fortnightly 90min group calls on Tuesdays (Europe and US Monday)

Support from Lysa to calibrate your messaging, copy and video sharing

1 hour monthly swaps with Align and Shine Course members (You’ll offer one session per month to each member, and receive 6 in return)

Upcoming Dates: March – October 2018
(1 x fortnightly break in the first 2 weeks of the New Year)

Investment: NZD$333 monthly for 6 months or NZD$1,888 in full (Save $110)

If you are seeking loving support and practical guidance to share who you are in a way that touches the world and allows you to prosper on purpose – Reach out to me and request a 30min ‘Heart Gaze’ Session. I would love to hear your vision and desires; I will share what I can see that could help you to be more easily recognised by those seeking exactly what you have to offer.

“With Lysa I have been held in a place of love and support where the real truth has been allowed to surface. Lysa has encouraged me and held my hand while I bravely revealed my true self. Adding the new services of reiki and mentoring to my business was scary at first, and Lysa supported me to find my own words to talk about these new offers in a way that I felt safe and excited. My business has flourished with her mentoring, ideal clients find me easily and my spots fill creating such a new sense of real prosperity in my life. Lysa has lead me to a new self and I have come to truly trust and admire her deeply.”

Darlene Pearks, Massage Therapist