After 9 years in business I have followed my intuitive guidance to align my business with my soul purpose, spiritual gifts and kindred hearts. I believe business is not just a channel for prosperity… It’s also a vehicle supporting us to contribute on a soul level and truly make a difference in the world. I always wanted to make a difference graduating with a degree in world politics, I moved through Management and staff training positions to emerge as a Life Coach at 26. I specialised in eating disorder recovery for 6 years until I realised I was actually guiding my clients to self heal the emotional cause beneath their symptoms.

In 2015, I got brave and released my first book ‘Heart Healing’ and came out of the gifted closet as a Heart Healer. Owning my highly sensitive empath nature and clairsentient knowing helped my clients to feel safe and supported receiving intuitive guidance through me. Suddenly, my heart healing work became internationally sought-after and I became booked-out for the first time after 6 years in business.

Being able to build a recognised lifestyle brand with a presence on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube allowed me to successfully share my soul teaching with the world and remain fully booked. In 2015, I became the sole-financial provider for my family, while my husband became a stay-at-home Dad for our two young children. We home-school together from our rural orchard in Whangarei on the North Island of New Zealand.