I’m a Heart Healer, a highly sensitive empath. My superpower is that I can ‘read hearts’. It all started 10 years ago when I was intuitively led to self heal my own anxiety, eating disorder and pattern of break-ups. After 6 years of specialising in eating disorder recovery I realised I was actually guiding my clients to self heal the emotional cause beneath their symptoms.

So 2.5 years ago, I got brave and released my first book ‘Heart Healing’ and came out of the gifted closet as a natural Healer. My second book is called: “Divine Purpose” and it speaks about the inherent power and divinity in simply being who we truly are. After being fully booked out in my private work for that last 2.5 years, other Healers started seeking me out for mentoring. They wanted to combine the effects of deep inner healing, with business mentoring. So for the last year my work has now shifted to helping the gentle gifted Healers to find their authentic voice, speak up about their soulful business message (their free teaching to the world) and guide them to true alignment. I believe we are meant to prosper in our truth and by sharing our souls through authentic marketing we can all make the world a better place while attracting our dream clients.