My name is Lysa Black, my super power is reading hearts.

My gift allows me to guide you back to your truth; I mentor Heart Leaders to find their voice and speak their truth to attract dream clients and prosper on purpose.


Recent Articles

The Kick Back of Generational Wounding

| Heart Magic, Lysa Black | 2 Comments
We all see the area’s where our parents made mistakes, but how often do we recognise the area’s where they did make progress? Every generation bears the unhealed wounds of…

The 13 Traits of a Natural Healer

| Heart Magic | 2 Comments
1. Your driven to help Natural healers are driven to help in any way they can. They have a keen sense for the needs of those around them and find…

‘The Martyr Mother’

| Heart Magic, Lysa Black | No Comments
The role of ‘Mother’ has been glorified into an expectation of limitless love and compassion, ceaseless service and unending support and sacrifice. Societal expectations re-enforce this impossible veneer of ‘Motherhood’…

5 Principles to applying boundaries with family over Christmas

| Heart Magic | One Comment
Principle #1) No Role- Playing For many highly sensitives and empaths our ability to sense and perceive the emotional needs of others – can directly translate into performing the function…

Lifestyle Audit for a Happy Heart

| Heart Magic | No Comments
With our extended hours of sunlight bliss we seek to joyfully step outside into the glories of nature and swathe ourselves with opportunities to mingle with all the people we…

Enjoying intimacy more fully

| Heart Magic | No Comments
I feel like I cracked the proverbial code when it comes to truly enjoying the intimate moments I share with my husband. Oh yes I am talking about this! I…