Heart Magic

I believed it was my curse to feel the emotional pain of others; I didn’t know I was a gifted empath then… By 17 I was a size 20 (99kg) withdrawn, shy, and fearful. Even after releasing 30kg I wasn’t able to find the love that I craved!

A series of romantic break-ups rocked my world as I saw how my parent’s pattern of separation had become my life.
Feeling lost in emotional pain drove me to find every dead-end… Attempting to numb, deny and suppress my heart ache only caused it to escalate. I had nowhere else to go but within! As Rumi said, ‘The wound is where the light gets in.’

This break down was my opening, I was intuitively taught the principles of self-healing, and have shared them all in my new book “Heart Healing: 13 principles to reclaim your purpose, power and peace” – my real life stories of suffering and loss that have led me to deeply accept myself, live my truth, and allow peace within. My gift allows me to serve women who are seeking healing, so they can connect with light and experience the untangling, unfurling joy of healing.

From this site you can buy my book, register for an up-coming event or contact me to inquire about working together.

With deep love and respect,
The Empress

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